Create an On Time, Everything’s Where It Needs to Be Supply Chain

Keeping tabs on the incoming and outgoing inventory in a busy warehouse is no easy task, especially if you rely on manual procedures or basic accounting software.  As your small or midsized business continues to grow, managing an expanding inventory, global suppliers, and increasing customer demands takes the right people and the right systems.

Working with inaccurate data or estimates can lead to costly mistakes.  Connect people, processes and systems to get the real-time insight you and your team need with a business solution from Microsoft. With a better business tool you can increase sales, reduce production and inventory costs, and increase customer retention and loyalty.  You can have the information you need at your fingertips to make the right decisions that impact the financial health of your business.

Put your data to work and create a finely tuned supply chain that gets your products where they need to be and when they need to be there.  Today’s more powerful enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions, such as Microsoft Dynamics ERP, can track costs with precision and provide a clear picture of your profitability as well as offer greater control over production and inventory management.

View the infographic, Five Ways to Make Your Supply Chain More Dynamic to learn how you can connect the many moving parts of your operation to better manage your financials, supply chain, and operations.  Use powerful analysis tools to identify trends in customer demands, spot inventory gaps before they occur and monitor costs to keep your business profitable with a business solution from Microsoft.

A streamlined supply chain can become a great asset to your business success.  A quick to implement, simple to use business solution from Microsoft can ready your business for additional growth.  There’s never been a better time to take the next steps.  Visit the Grow Your Business website to take a test drive and learn how to keep your small or midsized business going and growing.

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Outgrown your accounting package?

Entry-level accounting software may work for a business  that hasn’t grown beyond its basic capabilities; however, basic solutions won’t last long for a growing, successful business  When your business has outgrown the accounting solution, you need an agile, flexible enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution that can grow and change as business grows and changes.  If you are living with any of the following scenarios that are holding your business back, it’s time to do something about it.

Here are several signs that you have outgrown basic Accounting Package:

  • You can’t scale operations to support business growth.
  • Even when you add headcount you can’t keep up with new business demands.
  • You don’t have the control and insight you need to feel confident making strategic business decisions.
  • You’re not taking advantage of cloud computing to reduce costs and become less dependent on IT.
  • Redundant data entry is leading to errors and increasing your risk of invalid data that will trickle throughout all areas of your organization.

As you reach the tipping point where system limitations, database restrictions, and sluggish performance are hindering your future growth; don’t compromise your business potential. Turn to a solution that supports your growth ambitions.  The best solutions for business are simple yet powerful, flexible and innovative—they are also from Microsoft. With a business solution from Microsoft you can:

Connect people, processes and systems all from one place

When your email, calendar, files and business applications all work together, with one user experience and one single sign-on, you have quick access to the tools to manage your finances, supply chain and operations while keeping your people productive.

Get everything you need to work where you are needed most

Business doesn’t stop when you are on the road or working from home.  Monitor your business and enable your people to work where and when they are needed most.  Using Microsoft Dynamics® NAV and Office 365® you can monitor your business, collaborate on documents, and enter and approve transactions from your desktop or mobile device.

Support your growth ambition

A global network of Microsoft Dynamics certified partners with industry expertise and a wide range of packaged offerings sell and implement our solutions.  Get up and running quickly with RapidStart deployment tools that lower risk and assist with the migration of your data.  In the Microsoft cloud or on your servers, start with what you need now and easily add or extend your solution as your business grows.

Improve productivity by automating common tasks, improve consistency with easy to follow workflows, and improve communication and collaboration by connecting the many moving parts of your business.  Built-in business intelligence also delivers the insight and control you need to be confident in your decision-making and continue to move toward your strategic goals.  Don’t hold your business back, get in touch with us to see how easy it is to keep your business going and growing.

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Getting to Know Microsoft Dynamics NAV to Streamline Purchases and Payables

Purchases & Payables

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a proven Enterprise Solution for Small to Mid-Sized companies.  NAV’s latest enhancement, NAV 2013, has many new features for better purchases and payables management for your wholesale distribution or manufacturing company.

Basic payables in Microsoft Dynamics NAV allows you to maintain vendor tables, post purchase transactions in journals, and manage payables more efficiently. Basic payables include the vendor table and enable you to generate vendor ledger entries using general journals.  Also, you can use this together with Multiple Currencies granule to post purchase transactions and manage payables in multiple currencies for each vendor.

Some of the latest Purchase and Payable enhancements include:

Drop Shipments which can allow your company to handle order shipments directly from the vendor to the customer without having to physically stock items in your inventory while still keeping track of order cost and profits.  The drop shipment process is facilitated through automatic linking of sales and purchase orders that control the built-in sequence of posting task.

To manage multiple item purchase price discounts, the Purchase Line Discounting features streamlines this through this negotiated individual vendor pricing based on parameters such as minimum quantity, unit of measure, currency, item variant and time period.

Create a purchase return order in order to compensate your own company for wrong or damage items with Purchase Return Order Management.  Items can then be picked from the purchase return order.  A company can set up a partial return shipments or combine return shipments in one credit memo and link return orders with replacement purchase orders.

Another great way to automate supply planning is also with Requisition Management in Dynamics NAV by using the Requisition Worksheet.  General optimal suggestions for replenishing inventory through purchases and transfers based on the item’s current plus future demand in addition to availability as well as a variety of planning parameters, such as minimum and maximum quantities also reorder quantities.  Dynamics NAV allows you to display a graphical overview of the planning impact and allow the user to change the plan using drag and drop prior to executing on the plan.

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Getting to Know Microsoft Dynamics NAV for Better Financial Management


financial symbols coming from hand

 Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a proven Enterprise Solution for Small to Mid-Sized companies. NAV’s latest enhancement, NAV 2013, has many new features for better financial management for your wholesale distribution or manufacturing company.  Some of the latest Financial Management enhancements include:

Inter-Company Posting allows your company to manage accounting for more than one company in the same posting process including the ability to send documents to partner companies.

Responsibilities Center in Microsoft Dynamics NAV allows setting up profit center and/or cost centers.  Your company can sell items with specific prices and that are related to a responsibility center.  You can connect a user to a responsibility center so that only sales and purchase documents related to the particular user are displayed.

Cost Accounting provides an efficient way to control the company’s cost by providing visibility and insight into budgeted and actual costs of operations, departments, products and projects.  Cost accounting synchronizes cost information with the general ledger, and then allocates that information to different cost centers and cost objects.  Cost Accounting in NAV includes the ability to:

  • Transfer costs from the general ledger.
  • Enter and post internal charges and allocations directly in the Cost Accounting Cost Journal.
  • Pre-define recurring cost allocation rules on cost allocation cards and execute in a batch job.
  • Undo allocations.
  • Cost budgets and transfer cost budget entries to actual entries.

Also, Cash Flow Forecast in Dynamics NAV provides a prediction of how a company’s liquidity-cash and other treasure positions-will evolve over time.  It consists of two things; Cash Receipts and Cash Disbursements-the money you expect to receive and the cash you expect to pay out, plus the liquid funds you have available.  These elements together show you a direct flow forecast.

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Getting to Know Microsoft Dynamics NAV for Better Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Mgt 200px

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a proven Enterprise Solution for Small to Mid-Sized companies.  NAV’s latest enhancement, NAV 2013, has many new features to streamline supply chain operations.  Some of the latest Supply Chain Management enhancements include:

Better Sales and Receivables with Alternative Ship-Tos:  Set up multiple ship-to addresses to accommodate and handle customers that in addition to a main business address have more than one site to which orders can be shipped.  These additional locations can then be selected by the order processor when creating a sales order or invoice.

Campaign Pricing:  In Dynamics NAV, you can work with sales prices and sales line discounts connected with specific campaigns.  After you have activated the prices/dicounts, any customer or contact related to a company currently in a segment with a given campaign can access the pricing associated with that campaign.

Sales Invoice Discounting:  In this features of NAV, calculations in invoice discounts occur automatically.  Set up any number of invoice discounts terms, including a certain minimum amount, discount percentage or service charge.  The discount is calculated on the individual item line and becomes part of the net sum of the invoice.  Calculations can be done in both local and foreign currencies.

Sales Order Management: Manage sales quotes, blanket sales orders and sales order processes in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.  Using this feature can allow your company to:

  • Manage partial shipments
  • Ship and invoice separately
  • Create prepayment invoices for the sales order
  • Use quote and blanket orders in the sale phase
  • And more!
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3 Powerful ERP Benefits for Industrial Distributors using NAV


At Robosol Software UK Ltd, We know Industrial Wholesale Distribution!  The industrial distribution industry continues to change and evolve to meet market pressures and customer requirements.  Industrial distributors of all kinds are under pressure to optimize the processes of acquisition, inventory management, warehousing, sales, and distribution.

In order to improve sales, margins, and customer satisfaction, many have expanded product offerings to include private-label and have also added profitable add-on services. ERP Benefits for Industrial Distributors.

We are experts in Distribution and Inventory Control Systems and Solutions. Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 (“Navision”) ERP offers a flexible, industry-rich solution needed to succeed in this challenging business.  We help industrial distributors deal with the increasing complexity of their industry.  These 3 Powerful ERP Benefits for Industrial Distributors using NAV are some of the reasons Industrial Distributors select Microsoft Dynamics NAV Enterprise System.

  1. Improve Inventory Decisions
  • Provide real-time visibility into inventory levels and sales across multiple locations & companies
  • Understand the performance of inventory investments, and optimize inventory choices and service levels
  1.  Drive Supply Chain Savings
  • Automate critical business processes and reduce internal costs
  • Accurately track shipping and delivery through the use of automatic data collection
  • Understand demand through the creation of accurate demand forecasts
  1. Enhance Profitable Customer Relationships
  • Respond rapidly to customer demands such as packaging, shipping, and delivery requirements
  • Improve the ability to offer profitable add-on services
  • Manage increasing volume of orders via web, fax, phone
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10 Brilliant Ideas to Outsmart Your Competition with Microsoft Dynamics ERP in UK


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